The problem

Do you feel that vessel accounts are taking too much of your time?

Are you worried that the spending reports you present to the Owner might not be accurate and look professional enough?

Are you so busy during charter that it is difficult to keep  track of the APA spending to present to the charterer when needed?

Do you have trouble getting the  invoices paid on time, perhaps because they are stuck in the pile on the Owner’s office desk?

Are you concerned that asking for help could make you lose control of the vessel and/or your exclusive relationship with the Owner?


The solution

Yacht Accounting Support's solution has been developed by drawing on the expertise of a strong team of experienced yacht captains and yacht managers.

We understand that assistance for yacht accounts is difficult to find as a dedicated service, and not as part of a wider package that often captains don’t need, or want.

With our support, the captain remains the manager of his yacht, but benefits from our professional assistance.

About Us


Angela Dentice - Director

Angela heads up the operation. Her experience in yacht accounting spans almost 10 years. She has been working as the head of accounts in a yacht management company in the south of France for the past 3 years. Before this she had the same role in a major yachting agency in southern Italy, from where she comes. 

"I have always been interested in the human aspect of this industry – dealing with captains and helping them through one of the trickiest tasks which is accounting. I have found that sometimes they only need a little help from outside, often just because they don’t have enough time. But the only external help they can find is a big management company which they do not need. And here’s where the idea of my business came from."